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About us.

Our key values are to be authentic, as well as to act Honestly and therefore earn Trust.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage marketing by integrating customers smoothly and authentically. 

Since we love to share nice, new purchases with friends and want to give a platform to such great products and brands, our aim is to combine both of these aspects with Rekla.Me. Hereby, marketing budgets are better utilized and long-term relations between customers and companies are strengthened.


Our Vision

We strive to make marketing more authentic by going back to the roots while still being innovative. We want to democratize Influencer-Marketing and give a voice to everyone, allowing customers to be recognized and appreciated by their favorite companies.

We aim to bring back the trust in marketing. At Rekla.Me we always strive for innovation and simplicity.


our vision
unsere Geschichte

Our Story

We founded Rekla.Me 2021 in the beautiful city of Cologne. Our goal was to create a platform that implements authentic marketing methods easily and efficiently. We designed a new tool for companies to interact with their customers while rewarding them simultiounsly. 

Rekla.Me achieves high customer valuation as well as strong marketing effects, resulting in a win-win situation for every party. 

We are a young and motivated Start-up Team, working ambitiously to improve our marketing tool constantly. Furthermore, it is of most importance for us to create a pleasant and respectful workspace for our Rekla.Me Team.

Meet our founders:

Jakob Werner
Jakob Werner
CEO & Co-Founder
Tobias Haas
Tobias Haas
CEO & Co-Founder
We value ideas over hierarchies and want to focus on seeing the bigger picture.

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